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02 June 2009 @ 07:11 am
FIC: The Test, Part Three (Spock/Nyota Uhura, PG)  
Title: The Test
Chapter/Part: Three of ?
Author: suzanne78
Characters/Pairings: Spock, Nyota Uhura
Rating: PG; this chapter has a little more language, thanks to Gaila (whom I adore, by the way).

Summary: He does not knows the ways in which he tests her. Even as an aide, Nyota is, quite unfortunately, drawn to her instructor. Dinner with Spock and drinking lead to an interesting project for Nyota and Gaila.
A/N: Warning for brief language. I must give a huge thank you to mrstater for her amazing beta-work and suggestions. The information about Spock playing the Vulcan lyre/harp/lute comes from the second episode of the original series, Charlie X. If you've never seen the episode before, and you thought Spock/Uhura was something cool that JJ Abrams pulled out of the air, well, take a look at this scene from that episode. It's really cool that there was a foundation laid for Spock/Uhura as early as the first season way back in 1966.

Also, Commander Kyle is an actual TOS character, who actually shows up in The Wrath of Kahn; I needed a communications officer, so I promoted him to commander by 2258. And Talos IV is the planet featured in the great TOS two-parter episode, "The Menagerie", with the uber-cranial aliens who attempted to imprison Captain Pike and then later assisted him.

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Part Three: Dinner, Discussion, and Drinking

One dinner leads to several more over the next few weeks. 
Nyota convinces herself it’s only a matter of convenience that they share a few meals.  After all, when two colleagues work together throughout the day, and those days turn into evenings, they naturally get hungry.  
Therefore, it is only logical for them to dine together. 

And during these dinners, they talk.  About many things.   Mostly professional matters, although a couple of times, Nyota senses both of them wanting to probe further.   They do not; however, they do engage in spirited discussions regarding alien cultures. 
One such conversation occurs after a long day of translating old Tellarite texts.  

“I would like to note,” Nyota says, playfully gesturing with her finger for emphasis, “that it was I who encouraged expanding the unit on ancient Tellarite folklore.”  She grins, clearly happy with herself.  “Not even Ambassador Gav could find anything to complain about when Commander Patel informed him.”  She pops a piece of ginger-glazed tofu into her mouth and chews, close-lipped and smiling. 
“Not an insignificant event,” Spock replies,  "as it is customary for Tellarites to begin any interaction with another species with a series of complaints and arguments, regardless of whether their logic is sound.” 
“Spock, I get that Vulcans don’t understand Tellarites, but—”
“I do not wish to interrupt you; however, I must make a clarification.  Vulcans do understand Tellarites.  We deviate from them when they refuse to adopt logical coherence when they communicate with other beings.”
“But there is coherence.” Nyota surprises herself with her emphatic tone.  "You only have to respond with modulated insults or complaints that are less than or equal to what the Tellarites begin with.  Subjective?  Sure, but you have to gauge your own emotions when you first meet them. You have to defer to them first and let them take the lead in introductions before you can respond appropriately.” 
Nyota laughs as she regards his expression.  His face is set, his fingers are tented and the tips rest in front of his chin.  But his mouth is loose, and not at all tight or angry.  She knows he likes it when she spars with him about linguistics, that it satisfies him to have educated disagreements with her. He respects her positions because he respects her expertise in xenolinguistics. 
This conversation takes place during their third dinner together at a nice Asian restaurant in downtown San Francisco, one not usually frequented by other Academy personnel.  Every time they go on one of their evening excursions — As they are certainly not dates… absolutely not.  Right, Nyota? — they go further and further away from the campus.  They never say why, although she is sure they both want to avoid the appearance of impropriety or that Spock favors her above all other students. 
And yet, the dinners continue. 
This evening, they dine at an establishment Nyota swears serves the best lentil samosas, githeri, and chai, since—
“Well, since my aunt in Koyo.”  She lifts her mug of warm chai; Spock does the same.  “Cheers, Commander.”  Her lips swoop up at the same times as his. 
They enjoy their meal, Nyota guiding him through the menu filled with familiar dishes from her childhood.  Once again, their conversation is easy and intelligent.  She laughs with him when he insists, in his own subdued yet dogged way, that he is right about the origin of an obscure phonetic root of an ancient Andorian dialect no longer in use, and that Commander Patel, at times, does not quite know when he has lost.
Nyota chortles loudly as Spock lifts his eyebrow. 
“You know, people should learn before arguing with you.  It’s nearly impossible to win.”  She smirks before she takes another drink. 
Spock eyes her curiously.  “And yet, you do not hesitate to voice your disagreement with me when you feel my position is incorrect.”
She sets her mug down, right next to her glass of Vulcan port.  Nyota does feel lightheaded; she is certain that it is the result of some combination of the alcohol in her system and being around Spock.  She hates that she has, just this once, mismanaged her beverage consumption around him, not that she lets him see her mentally chiding herself. She maintains her steady countenance, never letting her smile falter.   “Well, I did say nearly impossible.  I like that I can prove you wrong.  Every once in a while.”  

A close-mouthed grin ghosts across his face.  “I would say seventy percent of the time we engage in adversarial discussions, you succeed in defending your point and convince me of your logic.”
Her eyebrow flies up.  “And what of the remaining thirty percent?”
His head tilts slightly to the right and he brings his cup up off the table.  “It merely represents more opportunities for you to continue to convince me of your postulations.”
Nyota bites her lip; maybe the port has gone to her head, but she swears on her old childhood home that Spock is flirting with her, with comments such as that. She wants to push further.
“Even if we never argue and you agree with me one-hundred percent of the time, I’ll continue to speak my mind.  Either to you or to anyone else.” 
He sets down his mug and his own lips push out quickly, as if about to break open into a smile but pulls back before it can let the emotion out.  “I have no doubt that you will. You should never prevent yourself from asserting your position in a given matter. The superior officer may agree or disagree with you, but the officer would most certainly benefit from your expertise."

"Short of outright mutiny," Nyota says, smirking. She is making a joke, a small one. A pitiable attempt at humor. Spock probably will miss the tone that she intends, but... well, she still feels that blasted wine!

"You must know when to back down and defer to the superior officer, true. But you should not lose your willingness to assert yourself. That is a quality needed in all Starfleet personnel, and one that the Academy should strive to produce.  Captain Pike believes this to be true, and I happen to agree with him.”
She nods, smiling.  “Even if you vehemently disagree with the other person?”
“Yes.  Even if I vehemently disagree with the other person.”
Her eyes turn down to the table, spying the dessert that was just placed in front of her:  mango ice cream, garnished with a pineapple and rum sauce and groundnuts.  There is no dessert in front of Spock, as sweet dishes are not something Vulcans particularly enjoy.  As she scoops a small bite with her spoon, Nyota again turns her eyes toward him.  Nervously shaking her foot against the single leg bolting the table to the floor, she musters all her courage to ask her question.
“What… was your childhood like on Vulcan?”
She slows her moving foot, gently rubbing the table leg.  The movement does little to calm her.  Spock stills for a second; she thinks she has finally overstepped a line.  Perhaps she has wrecked the moment between them, their relationship, whatever that is, now tarnished—
“I was not expecting you to ask this question.” 
Her foot wiggles again and he coughs to clear his throat.  She wants to diminish, to crawl away because she let the delicious wine and the dinner and the thinking that he was possibly flirting with her go straight to her head, and now she has ruined it.
This is awkward. Beyond awkward.
“I’m sorry.  Chalk it up to bad manners.  It’s something I’ve been curious about, and the things I’ve read about your world have my mind wondering… forget it.  You don’t have to say anything.” 
To her surprise, he raises his hand.  She stops talking.  His face remains calm, but not cold. She watches the right corner of his mouth rise up slightly, his cheek crinkling the smallest amount.

It is a smile, or at least the Vulcan equivalent of an amused expression. 
“I do not mind that you ask, Nyota, but there are many things integral to my upbringing that are not commonly discussed outside Vulcan society.” 
She says nothing so he may continue. 
“However,” he says with a couple of slow blinks, “as a xenolinguist who expresses an interest in other worlds, I understand your curiosity about other cultures.  I told you that I am willing to teach you about my society.  I assume that you are still interested, hence your inquiry about my childhood.”
She nods.  “Very much so.”  She sits straight up and moves her dessert to the side.  Nyota folds her hands together; she looks like the very picture of patient listening.  Her foot, though, continues to wiggle slowly against the table leg.  And Spock’s brow creases as if he can feel it move.
She drains her wineglass, feeling the heady buzz from the alcohol go straight to her head. After she does so, she wants to kick herself; why drink more when she's already buzzing?

Too late for that, genius.
“Vulcan childhood is not dissimilar to the childhood of humans.  We play games, we are educated in the sciences and we are encouraged to develop creative pursuits.  For example, I was trained on the Vulcan lyre a few years after I was born.”
“I didn’t know that.” The thought that Spock has a musical side to him startles Nyota. It is one more thing that they have in common.

Why not expand on that further?  

“I wouldn’t mind hearing you play sometime.  Perhaps, I can learn some Vulcan songs as well and sing along with you.”
His mouth relaxes.  “Perhaps someday.”  His brow straightens out and he continues his discussion.  “Vulcans do form bonds with their peers. They have friends with whom they share similar interests and engage in similar activities.”
She leans forward.  His use of the generic pronoun tweaks her discerning ears.  It implies that he has set himself apart from the rest of his kind. “What about you?  Do you have friends back on Vulcan?”
There is silence, and Spock’s eyes float away from hers.  It is very quick, but it does not escape her notice.  As does his nostrils flaring a minute amount.
“I did not and I do not.  Vulcans, children and adults, can be selective in choosing their associates.   In my case, they did not associate with me, due to my disadvantage.”
Nyota squints, not quite sure what he means.  “What do you mean, ‘your disadvantage’—?” 

It dawns on her before she can finish her sentence. 

“Your human mother?”  She asks the question, but she already knows the answer. Her heart hurts, thinking that he must have been so isolated as a child.  
“My human mother.”  Spock repeats her words, but his tone simmers with restrained rage.  He swallows before he allows himself to speak again.  “I am ashamed to say that I allowed my peers to elicit an emotional response from me when they insulted her. I regret to say I was involved in a small number of physical altercations with other Vulcan adolescents.”
“That’s horrible, Spock.”

“Yes. It was unwise for me to have reacted in the manner that I did. It happened only twice during my adolescence,” he clarifies. "My mother and her marriage to my father were their preferred targets."

“N-no. I didn't mean your, um... your emotional and physical responses." Nyota thinks about how she should reply before she bungles this further. "It's understandable that you were angry at the kids who taunted you.” 
Spock bows his head once, blinking slowly at the same time. “It was a natural human response,” he says dispassionately. "I have always been plagued with a rather impulsive nature, one uncommon to Vulcans in general."

She cannot help but arch her eyebrow at this. "Really?"

"I cannot lie. I underwent my kahs-wan before my scheduled time. I did not tell my mother or my father about this undertaking. The fact that I began the test prematurely, even if it was merely days, was considered an act of rebellion by the elders. After I completed the test, I found myself drawn to the path to pure logic. It was something that intrigued me, even from a very early age."

Nyota is quite confused. "The path to pure logic?"

"The kahs-wan test of survival commences the journey Vulcans take to purge all vestigial emotions, the ritual known as the kolinahr.”

Mentally noting that she look up kahs-wan later tonight, Nyota fixates on his last words.  “To live a life without emotion?”  She nearly forgets herself and almost reaches out to touch his hand. But she stops before making contact.    “I know we should strive to understand other races and their cultures, to not interfere with their development.  But to choose a life without emotion… wow!” she says, her voice like a whisper.  “I couldn’t do that.” 
“Nor could I.  And even when the Vulcan Science Academy granted to me acceptance into their program, despite my disadvantage,” he says, practically spitting out the word in his calm manner, “I declined and accepted the opportunity to train at Starfleet Academy. At the time, I believed this decision would give to me the chance to find balance between Vulcan logic and human emotion. I admit, too, that declining the acceptance was another act of rebellion on my part.”

"It was?"

The barest hint of a grin appears on Spock's face, before he pulls it back. "There was satisfaction in telling them no when they made it clear they were accepting me despite the fact that I am half-human. No Vulcan has ever declined acceptance at the Vulcan Science Academy."

"Except for you."

His head tilts slightly to the right, but his face remains impassive. "It appears so."
Nyota fights back a smile, but it blossoms on her face regardless of her efforts. This thought makes her happy.  Had he chosen differently, she would not have sat through his lectures. She would not have become his aide. And she would not be here, sitting across a small table from him in a rather intimate setting.
But Nyota does not focus on this at the moment.  Instead, she remembers that he came within a hairsbreadth of choosing to rid himself of all feeling. The most human part of himself. 
Including love.
“I-I still can’t fathom living without emotions, Spock.  I’m sorry if that tarnishes whatever respect you have for me, but to live without all the good emotions — happiness, joy, amusement, pleasure, love — I wouldn’t give up the deepest sorrow if it meant I’d never feel those things again.”  She rambles, but she does not stop.  She is certain that it is the alcohol making her lips so loose, but it feels important to say these things to him.  “It makes me sad to hear you contemplate such a life.  Although, if you experienced prejudice as a child for being part human and for feeling things like a human being can, I can see why it wouldn’t be far from your mind.”
Once again, Spock nods, and his mouth curves upward in a small, subtle smile.

“You are astute as always, Nyota.  That you cannot reconcile living without emotions does not lessen my respect for you.   It…” He pauses to inhale.  “It is, in actuality, not a solution that many Vulcans choose.  Most of us learn to live with our feelings intact.  As these emotions can be strong, even overwhelming at times, we find that meditation provides a way to control them without eliminating them.”  
She runs her finger along the lip of her wineglass, absorbing what Spock has said.  Her foot matches the motions of her finger, slow swirl for slow swirl.   It is official; Vulcan wine is definitely more intoxicating to humans than wines produced on Earth.  
And, in the haze of her intoxication, where nothing she says is too silly or stupid, she decides that she should ask her next question.  So she opens her mouth, about to say it, when—
“Nyota, I think it only wise to inform you that your foot has been touching my leg throughout our conversation.”
She jerks it back like he had just set it on fire.  She’s mortified; mentally, she swears in both Klingon and Andorian — a combination of the blunt and the creative.
“I’m so sorry.”  Her words blur together as they come out in a nervous rush.
“There is no reason for you to apologize.  You have done nothing wrong.”
Her last question dissolves on her tongue, unasked.  Although she is certain she will be doing some research tonight.

Nyota knows the only way to convince Gaila to help her with research after a night of intermediate drinking is to find an interesting enough topic to engage her. 
“Vulcan sex.” She offers a couple of fifty-year-old books to her roommate’s flexing hands.  She would have said, “Vulcan mating customs,” but she is talking to Gaila, so a little bluntness can be excused. 
Plus, Nyota still feels the effects of Vulcan wine mixing with the beer Gaila shoved into her hands as soon as she returned from dinner. 
“Look, find, and tell me what you think,” she tells the Orion woman.
“Gimme!”   Gaila grabs them and flips the top book open to start reading.
“There’s practically next to nothing about Vulcan sex and Vulcan mating habits," Nyota says as matter-of-factly as she can manage.  "Which, you think for the first alien culture that we encountered, there'd be something on them, right?"
“Well, it’s got to happen, we know that.  They may not fuck like bunnies, but there’re billions and billions of them, and as far as I can tell, they’re not capable of spontaneous regeneration.” 
Nyota nods at the book Gaila’s holding in her lap.  “That’s the only book in our libraries that's translated from the original Vulcan that even mentions anything about their mating.”
“And I think I found the only section in the entire text that brings it up.”  Gaila wrinkles her face and pinches a couple of pages together to show Nyota how small the section is.  The Orion returns to reading as Nyota focuses on her PADD, scanning any database that might have more answers. 
Gaila’s exclamation makes Nyota jump.
“Seven years?”  Her green face screws up in disbelief.  “I don’t care how logical a race can be.  Seven years without getting laid is just stupid.”
“So says the girl who can barely go seven days without sex.”
Gaila glares at her.  “Just so you know, it’s been two weeks since I’ve gotten any.”

Nyota cocks her eyebrow; she knows better.
“Fine, two weeks since I’ve gotten any in our room. Satisfied?” she says, giving up after a minute. 
“Are you?”  Nyota asks, smirking when Gaila flashes her an obscene gesture.  “I know you and Berkeley have been finding creative locations for your little escapades.” 
“Well, at least I know both of us have been getting more than your Commander Virgin over here.  Come on!  Seven years?”
“I mean it, Gaila.  Can it with the teasing.  Besides,” Nyota says, slumping against the wall at the head of her bed, “we don’t know if Spock’s a… a virgin.”  She can barely say it, much less think it, without her skin growing warm.  “And even if he is, that’s not so terrible, is it?”
“Not terrible, per say.  More sad, really—” Gaila shrugs.  She’s still reading the book.  “Although can you imagine what sex would be like after that long?”  She whistles. 
Nyota breathes out.   She looks at the ceiling, her PADD scrolling through anything it can find.  She shuts her eyes and can feel the room moving in circles behind her eyelids… turning… and turning very slowly.  Not enough to make her feel sick, but enough so she knows she indulged far too much. 
“What am I doing?”
“Looking up tawdry information about Vulcans so you can seduce your professor?”
Nyota grunts and shoves her PADD off of her lap and onto her bed  “I’m drunk researching Vulcan sex!”  She rubs her face and lets her hands fall onto her sheets, unable to believe how low she’s fallen.  “I’m crazy, aren’t I?  And why are you encouraging me?”  She tosses a pillow at Gaila, who deflects it effortlessly.
“Because it’s nice to see that you, of all people, can come unhinged over a man.”  Gaila shuts her book and sits upright on her bed.  “As long as I’ve known you, you’ve been this total Zen Queen when it comes to the opposite sex.”
“What do you mean?  I’ve dated.  I’ve had relationships before.  I’ve even had my share of one night stands.”

“One one night stand, Nyota.”
“Yes, and that was plenty.” 
Gaila rolls her eyes.  “Please.  In this day and age, that makes you a goddess of chastity.  Look, you don’t suffer stupid savages who’re determined to move at Warp Ten after talking to you at a bar.  You don’t date casually.  You don’t respond to the standard pick-up line from your ordinary cadet meathead.”
“I’m selective.”

“Clearly.  You’re not like some of the girls around here.  You’re definitely not like me. So, excuse me if I’m encouraging this odd behavior coming from you, Nyota Upenda Uhura, but I’m just glad to get this confirmation that you are a sexual being.  One-hundred percent.”
Nyota shuts her eyes.  She curses the Orion’s fixation on all things physical, as well as her roommate’s astute observations.  “I need a distraction.  Not just from work, but from Spock.”  She wiggles her hands in front of her, moving them at the same time.  “Things are getting too muddled at the lab with him, and now these dinners—”
“How many times have you gone out with him?”
Nyota glares at Gaila.  “First, we don’t ‘go out’, like on a date.  And I think we’ve eaten out about six or seven times or so the last couple of weeks—”

Ten, actually. But it’s not like you’re counting, right?

“These are intellectual exercises too.” She ignores the mental conversation she is having with herself. “We talk about language and other cultures.  Like, for example, tonight we talked about Vulcan adolescence and how it was similar and different from ours—” 
She ignores Gaila’s fake yawning.
“—from an purely intellectual viewpoint.”
“Lovely,” her roommate drawls. 
“It was lovely, insightful and, like I said, solely for my own understanding of Vulcan culture… and I know all five terms for ‘bullshit’ in Orion.  Don’t think by coughing you’re covering anything up!” She points a stern finger to her roommate, who was clearly about to fake clearing her throat. 
“Okay, okay." Gaila relents and settles back on her bed. "So you talked business with Commander Spock, then?”

“Yes, but it's confusing for me.  At times, I think there’s a possibility that he’s flirting with me—”
“How in the world does a Vulcan flirt with someone?  Tell them they’ve never seen logic as sexy as their logic?  Or that they’ve got this complex algorithm to solve in their pants?  That it’s true what everyone says about big ears?”
“I’m not dignifying any of those with a response,” Nyota says flatly.  “But work and whatever my feelings are for Spock are getting muddled up together.  I need a separation between the two, right?  I need some distance."

"Yeah. Maybe you do."

"Well then," Nyota nods with finality, "I’m definitely going to apply to be Commander Kyle’s aide in the Advanced Acoustical Engineering Department.”
Gaila's face puckers. "He’s definitely not as good looking as Spock, if, you know, one thinks Spock’s good-looking.   He’s a bit more… colorful, though.”
Nyota exhales through her nose.  Gaila can be irksome, but she is right; Commander Kyle is brilliant and eccentric.  She blames his long hours experimenting with sound and physics and… well, that could rattle a person's brain a bit.  

There are also those rumors about what he and the rest of the crew of the SS Columbia saw on Talos IV, and that it affected them in odd ways.
Despite whatever is going on with Commander Kyle’s head, working as an Advanced Acoustical Engineering aide would round out her credentials nicely.  Six months as Spock’s aide and six months with Commander Kyle, Nyota thinks with these experiences under her belt, she’ll have her pick of ships when the time comes. 
She has already narrowed her preferred post-Academy assignments down to four starships. Her proficiency in translations, phonology and acoustical engineering would make her a perfect fit for her top choice-- 
Gaila snaps her fingers, interrupting her train of thought.  “Were you picturing Commander Spock naked again?”
Nyota flashes Gaila an exasperated expression and grits her teeth.  She is becoming far too predictable in her thoughts, in her chosen field, in the men she chooses to be attracted to.

Enough is enough.

"You said Berkeley's got a friend, right?"  There is the slightest slur in her voice; damn that intoxicating Vulcan port!

The Orion jumps forward; she is really excited. "Are you finally giving me permission to set up that double date I've been dying to arrange? Seriously, I think you and Carver'll hit it off."  

"Yes, but so help me I will bring a phaser and set it to 'Castrate' if necessary if he tries any funny business." 

Gaila flaps her hand in front of her dismissively.  "John Carver?  Please!  He's got that cerebral thing that you're totally drawn to.  But without the ears and the eyebrows.  You'll just have to make do with a plain ol' human boy."  She giggles as Nyota whacks her in the head with another pillow.


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Nervously shaking her foot against the single leg bolting the table to the floor...

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She slows her moving foot, gently rubbing the table leg. The movement does little to calm her.

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Her foot, though, continues to wiggle slowly against the table leg.

Aagghhh! (At this point, I tried to close my eyes or look away, but realized I couldn't keep reading if I did that...)

Her foot matches the motions of her finger, slow swirl for slow swirl.

OMG, I think I'm dying a slow death here...

“Nyota, I think it only wise to inform you that your foot has been touching my leg throughout our conversation.”

I knew it! Just knew it! How embarassing! Even to just be the one reading it!

How in the world does a Vulcan flirt with someone? Tell them they’ve never seen logic as sexy as their logic?

LOL That's so funny!

He's got that cerebral thing that you're totally drawn to.

"That cerebral thing?" Hmmm, sounds kinda like some sort of growth from out his forehead.... LOL

You have got to update soon! This is building up to something amazing!
Suzanne: Spock and Uhura Star Trek 2009suzanne78 on June 4th, 2009 03:02 am (UTC)
ROFL! It makes me laugh that people love reading about Nyota's embarrassing moment. Which, honestly, has happened to me before. Glad I made it funny.

And I did love writing that part out. As well as Gaila.

(Deleted comment)
Suzanne: Bones McCoysuzanne78 on June 4th, 2009 03:02 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you so much. I worried about whether he'd be in character for that. Glad you liked it!
Chauncey K.ryokostorm on June 2nd, 2009 11:42 pm (UTC)
LMAO- I just KNEW the "table leg" was going to be Spock's leg. At least I was hoping it would be-lol. I can NOT WAIT for the next chapter. Why? Well, one- this is a great fic BUT two- b/c I think JEALOUS Spock is on the way. I LOVE jealous Spock.
Suzanne: Kirk from Star Trek:2009suzanne78 on June 4th, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
Mmm... jealous Spock is awesome, indeed.

Thanks! So glad you liked this :-D And your avi is dreamy.
Mariolemariole on June 3rd, 2009 04:52 am (UTC)
This is delightful. Thanks so much for the cheerful romp. I greatly look forward to more.
Suzanne: Spock Uhura suzanne78 on June 4th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy upcoming installments.
Irrelirrel on June 3rd, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
I'm loving this! Drunk researching Vulcan sex, hahah. Oh, Nyota... I wonder how their double date is going to be like! Can't wait for more.
Suzannesuzanne78 on June 4th, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
Hee. I did love writing out the "Drunk Research" part. So much fun!

Glad you're enjoying this. Thanks!
yours truly: st: spock/uhuraonebrightmoment on June 4th, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
LOL. I loved the subtle hints that the table leg was Spock's leg- I want to read his POV of that incident!

Can't wait for the next bit!
Suzannesuzanne78 on June 9th, 2009 02:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you! glad you enjoyed this :-D

I'm still working on Spock's voice for another one-shot, but maybe I'll write out the POV of this conversation. That would be fun.

Thanks for commenting!
Rachel Cobleighreveilles on June 30th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
When Spock tells her that she's been rubbing his leg the whole time, my hands literally flew to cover my mouth in mortification and shock. No fanfic has ever done that before. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Brilliant!