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Mumble, Grumble, Toil, and Trouble

My Random Ramblings

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Mostly, musings and ramblings....

I'm a lawyer, but I like creative writing, and I've been doing a bit more lately....

I have several ideas for stories, but I have to work on a HP-based work and get that out of my system before my brain implodes on itself.

Loves: my husband, my beagle, my HD television, books, shopping, British music (really, anything British!), socializing, Celtics basketball, OU Football (no, they are not mutually exclusive!)

Not Loves: haterz, music by Rhianna or Fergie, any combo of LiLoBritHilton, but the saga of Britney intrigues me, moreso because I work with parents who suffer from substance abuse issues and are involved with child services.