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13 January 2010 @ 06:30 am
And So It Began.... Part Seventeen (Kyle/Oliver, R)  
Fandom: One Life to Live
Pairing: Kyle/Oliver
Rating: R
Summary: Oliver Fish met Kyle Lewis in college. It changed his life forever.
A/N: I am so sorry I've been neglectful updating here. This story's actually already up to Part Twenty-Nine over on Kishmet. Link to story here. I can only blame my own laziness and the holidays with getting it updated regularly over here and on fanfiction.net. Please, forgive! And I'll be better with getting chapters posted!

Again, the response to this story's been overwhelming for me. I can't thank you all enough for reading this. At this point, i've got no idea how long this is going to be, but, I'm going to keep at it until, well... you all know how the college years ended!

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Part Seventeen:
This Tornado Loves You
Neko Case

He couldn't help himself. He kept touching Kyle's face.

They were still in bed, naked from the fourth... or fifth... night they had spent together. Sure, he was a little hung over. He was certain Kyle was too. He could've done with some aspirin, and Kyle probably wanted some as well.

But neither of them moved from Kyle's bed.

The curtains were drawn around them so the sunlight wouldn't wake them up before they were ready. Oliver preferred Kyle's bed to his own. His didn't have curtains around his, so there was this constant fear of exposure. Not even seeing Kyle's skin in natural light was enough of a persuasion to keep screwing each other out in the open like that. Thus, Kyle's wall-mounted bed gave Oliver the privacy he wanted. Here, inside this dark cocoon, he could just let himself feel and enjoy Kyle. Inside this space, they had all the time in the world.

Their routine outside of their little comfortable corner was nothing special. They hung out with the other KAΔs that were staying over the break, drinking into the late hours of the evening. When they stopped drinking, they went upstairs where they lost themselves in each other's bodies. When the mornings came, Oliver watched Kyle sleep. And when Kyle woke up, they talked, laughed, kissed... among other things. They put away Kyle's candles, which they used until they melted into waxy stubs. They never spoke about these encounters. They simply got dressed and made breakfast downstairs relaxed, and casually joked with the other guys. Only Oliver knew that Kyle's knee always found his under the table, perpetually touching it as if compelled by a magnetic force.

He watched Kyle swallow just before he broke into a smile. "You're doin' summer school ag'in, right?"

Oliver nodded. "I am."

"You don't have a place yet, d' ya?"

Oliver chuckled. "You'd have known it by now if I did."

Kicking open the curtain at the foot of the bed, allowing some light inside, Kyle sat up. He was still totally naked, and he didn't bother covering himself up. "How 'bout you and I get a place t'gether. For the summer," he added.

Oliver opened his mouth, but found he was too flabbergasted to properly reply. "Wh-what? Y-you think... that, er, you and I sh-should--"

"We live together now, Oliver. We practically lived t'gether last summer. What's the problem?"

"No problem. I-I thought that you didn't want to..." He slumped his shoulders. He had to say these words, had to force them out. "I thought you didn't want to room with someone that you were... you know." He swirled his hand around, pleading with his eyes for Kyle to finish his sentence for him.

Kyle, instead, stared at him flatly. "No. I don't. What - are you - tryin' to say - t' me?" He enunciated each word very slowly, drawing them out. Oliver hated when he did that, compelling him to admit things before he was ready to.

"I thought you didn't want to live with someone you've been... h-hooking up with."

Admitting it impressed Kyle, who smiled, rather smugly, back at him. "I think we're a little bit beyond the hook-up stage at this point." He swept his hand between them. Of course, Oliver couldn't argue with that; Kyle was right.

"Yeah. That's true."

"Is that your only objection?"

Thinking about it for a moment, Oliver finally shook his head. "It's not really an objection. It's just remembering what you said before. But, well, it kinda makes sense for us to live together, really. When you think about it."

"I have thought 'bout it," Kyle said, his smug grin melting into something far warmer. Brighter. "An' that's why I'm askin' you if you wanna live with me in our own place, Einstein. C'mon! It'll be fun. Think 'bout all the trouble we could get into." There was that wide, brimming smile again. Oliver hated to admit it affected him as much as it did. A laugh escaped him as Kyle playfully smacked his arm.

"Okay, okay... yeah, we should do it."


Oliver chuckled. "I said yes, didn't I?"

Still grinning wide, Kyle brought his hand around the back of Oliver's head, pulled him forwards, and kissed him. "Cool."


"Thanks, Kyle," Jason Griswold said, setting his coffee cup down on the saucer in front of him, "you've been so great about everything."

They were in Hallowed Grounds on a Friday evening, after Kyle and Oliver's last class of the day. It was nearing the end of the semester and this Friday was the last great respite before the start of finals. They had already gotten their partying out of their system the night before; tonight, it was all about relaxing and possibly typing up lecture notes.

After they had their coffee.

Oliver watched as Kyle grinned, shaking his head like it was no big deal. "Anytime, Jase. You want anythin' else? Muffin? Bagel? Seizure-inducin' four-shot of espresso?"

Jason laughed. "I'm fine, thanks."

"Fish? What 'bout you?"

The instant Kyle's hand touched Oliver's shoulder, he shot up, sitting a little straighter, slightly energized by the physical contact. Gestures like this, a pat on the chest, the back, or the shoulders were not uncommon when they were out in public. They really weren't all that uncommon even before the night of the blackout. They appeared so fleeting, so casual, just another part of the Kyle Lewis-Oliver Fish friendship that no one questioned.

Only Oliver knew that they had increased substantially after the night of the blackout. Now Kyle's hand would linger a little longer on him, or squeeze him a little tighter. And under his touch, Oliver noticed his body reacting differently, no matter how platonic the contact seemed. The sensations coursed straight through him, sending warm waves through his stomach, tingles careening downward, often times causing embarrassing moments that made him run for the men's room to quickly adjust himself or wait until his excitement retreated.

It had nothing to do with the realization that the part of Oliver was also in love with Kyle. He hadn't admitted anything, nor was he planning to. This was just a college thing. He was sure of it. Even the agreement to move in together, to share an apartment was temporary too; it was only for the summer. Everything, especially Oliver's feelings, all stemmed from having sex with Kyle. And as with all things, it would pass. He knew that. It was just a basic emotional response to feeling Kyle's body against his own, to being naked with him, to waking up next to him...

Shit. His own thoughts were making less and less sense to him these days.

He coughed, still enjoying that sensation of Kyle's hand gently squeezing his shoulder, moving slightly down his upper arm. "I'm f-fine. One's always good enough for me. Y-you know how I get with too much caffeine." He held up his hand, shaking it purposefully.

Smirking and rolling his eyes at Oliver, Kyle headed toward the counter to buy another coffee. Oliver let out a long sigh and turned to their other table mate.

Jason was doing better. He was opening up the more they hung out with him, and he was finding that having friends who accepted him allowed him to be more free with his personality. He was a nice kid. A burgeoning artist too. He was pretty talented. And he was also the reason why his brother, Stan Griswold, kept Kyle's identity private. Oliver wasn't about to jeopardize that.

However, it was hard not to wish some misfortune upon the younger guy. Especially when Oliver noticed Jason's eyes quickly fluttering whenever Kyle walked away. It was hard for him not to notice Jason and how he was unduly attentive toward Kyle. Every single time he saw Jason laugh or a smile at something Kyle said, a white-hot surge shot through Oliver and he briefly envisioned breaking his coffee mug over Jason's head.

He snapped out of it and looked over at the kid, whose eyes were still following Kyle. He coughed, catching Jason's attention.

"Sorry. Guess I'm easily distracted."

Oliver cocked his eyebrow. "What does that mean?" He tried to keep his expression, notably his smile, light and easy-going. The better not to reveal the underlying waves of hostility toward him.

"Well, I don't know," Jason replied, his voice sounding casual but forced. "I think he's... you know." He leaned his head to the side, as if Oliver would help him finish his statement.

"No, I don't." Oliver was surprised his voice came out as sharply as it did. "What do you think he is?"

Jason grinned broadly. "He's really cute. And I haven't heard if he's gotta boyfriend--"

"He's too old for you." If Jason was surprised at Oliver's response, it was nothing compared to what Oliver was feeling at that moment. Shocked, primarily. He wondered whether his skin was turning green, as an ugly monster reared itself in his chest.

"He's only two years older than me."

"He's also your brother's roommate. Don't you think you'd be putting Ky- Lewis in a bad position if you started anything with him?"

Jason reared his head back. "Whoa! What got into you?"

"What? Nothing."

"Somebody just got angry. Have a bad day?"

"'S getting there," Oliver said, muttering into his coffee mug as he swallowed the bitter drink. He sat it down when he saw Stan Griswold barreling up to their table. His heavy bag crashed on the floor and Griswold winced.

"Dammit! Need to be more careful about that... stupid laptop'll get broken someday." He pulled out a chair at the table and heaved himself into it. "What's goin' on?"

Oliver snorted. "It's a good thing you don't have a roommate who knows all about computers. You know I can fix it if you ever need it. I can fix pretty much anything!"

"This is true. Fish's been my own personal Geek Squad since freshman year."

All three looked up at a grinning Kyle Lewis, who took his seat while balancing a cinnamon-and-raisin bagel with cream cheese and another full cup of coffee on a saucer. "Hey, Stan. Took ya long enough to get here." Taking a sip of his drink, Kyle scooted the bagel toward the middle of the table, closer to Oliver than the others. Oliver ripped a chunk of the toasted bread and popped it into his mouth. The snack certainly managed to erase much of his bad mood from earlier and quelled his troubled stomach, jittery from too much coffee.

Stan let out a loud groan and handed Kyle a wad of cash. "Here y' go, Lewis. All 500 dollars for the, uh, help. With those, uh, 'classes'." He bent his thick fingers like quotation marks. Kyle arched his eyebrows, shifting a glance over to Oliver, then to Jason.

"I guess subtlety was a little too much to ask from you, huh?" he inquired in a flat, deadpan tone. Stan only shrugged.

They finished their food and left, Oliver's mind still on the exchange of words and money between Kyle and Stan. They walked along the sidewalk, back to the campus. The lights were starting to turn on, as the sun was beginning to set. Oliver was about to dig deeper into the odd conversation and transaction, when Jason caught up with him. He was clearly nervous about something, the way he kept messing with his nails.

"Can I ask you something?"

Oliver stared at Jason. "It depends."

Taking a deep breath, Jason plowed forward with his question. "Do you have a problem with me, Oliver?"

"Did I do something that makes you think I do?"

Pressing his mouth in a flat line, Jason hummed. "Well, this evening, you acted like I'm your worst enemy or something. And I can't think of anything I did that was bad."

Except for watching Kyle the entire evening. Except for thinking Kyle was hot. Except for wondering whether Kyle has a boyfriend--

"I don't want to offend you or anything, Oliver."

Oliver stopped walking and took a deep breath before he began speaking. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I've been in a weird mood lately. That's all."

"Okay, that's good." Jason looked very relieved.

They continued walking. Oliver scratched his chin on his shoulder, but twisted around to observe Kyle and Stan. They were talking to each other. Stan held some papers in front of him and gestured wildly with them. He was completely focused on the papers as Kyle was trying to get him to put them away.

"Actually, I know I don't have a chance with Kyle."

Oliver was so focused on what was going on behind him, he vaguely heard Jason speak. "Oh yeah?" he replied absently.

"Well, first off, Kyle's got a crush on you."

He nearly lost his balance. "Wh-what do you mean? He has a crush? On me? What?"

Jason stared at him. "Oliver, I can't be the only one who noticed. Kyle really likes you a lot."

The words sent Oliver's heart racing. This kid, who only recently started hanging out with him and Kyle, had picked up on this vibe, on feelings that had never, ever been voiced in public. Was Kyle that obvious, the way he touched him, no matter how friendly and platonic they appeared to be? Did Jason pick up on anything coming out of... of him?

"I mean, he'd never try anything with you," Jason said after a few beats. They kept walking, Oliver feeling like he was about to fall apart. "You're straight."

He let out a laugh that he prayed didn't sound awkward. "Yeah. We're just friends. We're really good friends. He's probably my best friend. We're going to be getting an apartment together over the summer." Oliver spoke too rapidly for his own liking.

"Mm-hm. Well, hope it goes well. He should be careful, though. Actually, you should be careful too."

"I should? Wh-what do you mean?"

"Only that... I don't know. Maybe you're sending him mixed signals. He seems to be really attuned to you. Like that bagel tonight. You didn't ask for it, and yet he clearly got it for you."

"Oh." Jason's observation left Oliver slightly breathless.

"He's really good about picking up on things you want or need or... great!" Jason let out an almighty sigh. "I hope I'm not making anything weird for you two."

Oliver rapidly shook his head. "Weird? N-no... course not."

"Good. The last thing I want to do is be the cause of any problems. I just hope I didn't open this can of worms and you freak out on him or anything. You're really good together, you know?"

"Uh... we're good together." Somehow, Oliver continued to walk, finding it easier to repeat whatever Jason said, so as not to say anything that could give him away.

"You are. And it sucks that I'm clearly not his type." Jason gestured to his wispy frame. "But I hope that he finds a guy that'll make him happy."

A surge of warmth traveled through Oliver. Despite the awkward conversation, the fear that Jason had picked up on something, he couldn't help but smile, thinking of Kyle being happy. "Yeah. Happy's good."


"Hey, I'm hittin' the showers."

Oliver turned and smiled at Kyle. "Thanks for the announcement."

Kyle's eyes scanned the room. It was just the two of them. He shrugged and whispered, "Thought you might be interested."

"Stop that!" Oliver laughed and tossed a pillow at Kyle's head. He had learned to be annoyed, and yet, very amused at Kyle's sense of humor. Even as inappropriately timed as it was, with the door slightly open and guys walking around the house. Kyle winked and left for the house's community bathrooms, shutting the door behind him.

Shaking his head, Oliver returned to the computer screen, flicking through apartment listings. He kept his eye out for two-bedroom apartments, and there were plenty listed in their ideal rent range. Kyle had mentioned that that they could go even higher on rent, which prompted Oliver to thinking exactly where Kyle was getting all of this money.

In the middle of his search, his eyes traveled to Kyle's barely opened backpack on the floor underneath the wall-mounted bed. And just peeking out from the split of the zipper was the edge of a large manila envelope -- not unlike the ones Oliver had seen delivered to Kyle since last summer.

Curiosity overtook his sense of protecting Kyle's privacy. Oliver walked over to it, widened the zipper, and pulled out the envelope. It had "K. L." written in large letters on the front, and it was somewhat heavy, the middle feeling thicker than the rest of package. Oliver flipped it over and noticed that the taped seal was already broken. Mentally shrugging, feeling as if fate itself had urged him over here and discover what Kyle had gotten himself into, Oliver opened the envelope up and spilled the contents into his right hand.

He looked at the papers... and when he realized what he was staring at, his eyes very nearly exploded.

In his hands were scantron sheets, with the ovals already darkened, each one labeled with various classes at LU. Mostly the big lecture courses that required scantron sheets for the exams. For other courses, there were paper tests with answer keys. They were all marked for the next week's exams. And there was a wad of cash, ostensibly for Kyle.

The proof was clear; this was his "tutoring business". Selling test answers for money.

Oliver plopped down on the nearest bed -- Stan's -- still holding the packet, far too many thoughts stampeding through his head. One part of his brain screamed at him to drag Kyle out of the showers and ask him what the hell was he doing? Selling test answers could get him and a whole lot of other students kicked out of school. And it looked like he got Stan involved too, thinking back to the conversation yesterday at the coffee house. Not only was Kyle in trouble, he was trouble. Oliver didn't want any part of this. He should just call it quits with him. Just walk away.

But then another voice piped up, practically smacking him upside his head. This wasn't really that bad, compared to dealing drugs or other criminal activity. Sure, it wasn't great. It was incredibly stupid and should Kyle be caught, he'd be in a world of trouble with LU's administration. But why the hell was he doing this? Was it for the money? Or was he just naturally inclined to do crap like this and not think about the consequences? Leslie had, after all, said as much to Oliver... ''You may be the only one here who can help him fix his moral compass whenever he breaks it." She had said that he was impulsive and reckless and he got himself into bad situations.

Would he stop doing these things if Oliver asked him to quit? Would Oliver even bother asking him?

He was so absorbed by his internal conflict about Kyle's bad decisions, he jumped up high in the air when a hand smacked him -- sharply -- on his shoulder.

"Glad I was able to give you a few minutes alone so you could search through my shit. Fish."

Oliver scrambled up, still holding the papers and the money, staring right at Kyle Lewis' furious face.

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Suzannesuzanne78 on January 13th, 2010 12:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I started thinking that people over here might''ve thought that I had given up on the story, but really, I just kinda got a li'l lazy. But I have been updating! LOL!

Thanks. Ag'in!
jyl22075@gmail.com: kish kiss 3jyl22075 on January 13th, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
I love this story so very much!
abaylor22 on January 13th, 2010 05:33 pm (UTC)
what??? ch 28??
i recently joined kishmet not realizing it existed. Im shocked to hear you're up to chp 28!! shocked. i thought you took a break from writing this series. i will head over to kishmet later to catch up. Yay, can't wait for down time to read the last 11 chapters. Ollie is in trouble. he's getting a spankin from kyle...
abaylor22 on January 13th, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC)
you're the famous wtft!?
you're the famous and fabulous whiskeytangofoxtrot??? The author name differences threw me off. I love reading your comments on the other board.Im learning to navigate around on the kishmet board. i usually read the spoilers thread for now. But for the fanfiction thread... Yep, i saw all the chapters i've missed ;(. i'm just happy to wake up this morning to learn this info. Grabbing ice cream and catching up sooner than soon!!WHOO HOOOO!!!!!
gimlicakeshopgimlicakeshop on January 14th, 2010 08:04 am (UTC)
First off I love that Neko case song so the chapter title set the right tone. Ooh the drama. Nice to see Kyle and Oliver happy for a bit but all good things must come to an end - for awhile at least. Good to know there are many more parts already written - I'm reading them as they appear here, however. Looking forward to more.
Laurie: Kishstargazer60 on January 14th, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
Finally caught up on this story.

It's amazing...I love it..